The #1 guide to metadata for book publishers, fully revised and expanded


The Second Edition Includes:

  • A new chapter about Search Engine Optimization, Keywords, and Subjects
  • A new chapter specifically addressing Metadata for Self-Publishers and Small Publishers
  • Expanded information about transitioning to ONIX 3.0
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For book publishers large & small: the guide to creating and distributing metadata for maximum sales.

by Renée Register & Thad McIlroy

  • 144 pages, illustrated with charts & graphs

  • Includes a comprehensive glossary of industry & technical terms

  • Includes annotated directories of vendors & industry organizations

The Metadata Handbook shows how metadata works, introduces industry standards and best practices, and outlines the essential components for successful metadata creation and distribution.

The new edition is fully updated and expanded to include the most recent information on metadata standards, practices, and use in the publishing industry.

Topics covered include:

  • Book industry players and the metadata lifecycle
  • Book industry metadata standards
  • Essential metadata elements
  • Metadata best practices and certification programs
  • Metadata and the future of publishing






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Digital Book World University offers a series of four metadata courses, based on The Metadata Handbook and taught by Renée. Each of the four-week online courses is now offered continuously. Find out more about the courses by clicking on the titles below.


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