Publication of ONIX 3.0 revision 4

On November 7, 2017 EDItEUR announced a new minor revision of ONIX 3.0, called revision 4. It “incorporates a handful of optional additions ratified by the ONIX International Steering Committee at its recent meeting in Frankfurt in October 2017.” A document summarizing the key additions and changes made in ONIX 3.0 rev. 4 is available here. An example of […]

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ONIX Codelists Issue 39

ONIX Codelists Issue 39 was released end of October, 2017. The changes (PDF) include acknowledgement of researchers as contributors (List 17) and in List 81 (Product Content Type) a label “Additional eye-readable links to external content” referencing a publication containing “a significant number of web links (printed URLs, QR codes etc.).” The full issue 39 […]

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Codelists 38: Leave it to the Pro

Over at BookNet Canada, Tom Richardson, their data ace, has a breakdown of what’s new in ONIX codelists 38. It would be unnecessarily redundant for me to take on the same topic. (One thing always in the back of my mind when writing this blog is that the total audience for the topic of ONIX […]

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