Our Partners

In the time we’ve spent researching, writing and prepping The Metadata Handbook for publication, we’ve received assistance from a range of industry players. We wish to acknowledge them here: we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend any one of them!


Aptara’s content solutions help many of the largest publishers in the world unlock new revenue opportunities in a rapidly evolving digital- and mobile-centric marketplace. With world-class capabilities in digital content production, publishing, distribution, and technology development, Aptara specializes in optimizing the entire content supply chain through any medium – from eReaders and smart phones, to tablets, PCs, Web and print. Aptara ably prepared both the EPUB and the Amazon Kindle versions of The Metadata Handbook.

Edwards Brothers Malloy

Edwards Brothers and Malloy have merged to form the 6th largest book and journal manufacturer in the United States. Specialists in short-run manufacturing, Edwards Brothers Malloy has one of the largest digital print operations in the industry, with 11 locations in North America and the United Kingdom. They printed our book: what more can we say!

Digital Book World

DBWConfStarting with the only conference designed to address the radically changing commercial publishing environment, Digital Book World has evolved into a year-round platform offering educational and networking resources for consumer publishing professionals and their partners — including agents, booksellers and technology vendors — online and in person.



Onixsuite gives you control of your metadata and its distribution, allowing you to work collaboratively with your partners such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Google, Nielsen and Bowker, as well as your own distributor and website.


Supplying over 1000 on-line retailers and 25,000 libraries, Vearsa offers unparalleled reach in the marketplace, managing end-to end distribution for clients, conversion to ebook formats, distribution, administration and billing.

Gibson Library Connections

Gibson Library Connections is a full-service distributor and sales agency serving the Canadian library market. Representing a select number of international publishers, Gibson provides Canadian libraries with a trusted local source for selection and acquisition of valuable electronic resources, as well as after-sale technical support.


ONIX EDITONIXEDIT title management software is based on the ONIX standard. Functionality includes the ability to read and write ONIX, export and transmit ONIX, validate and save files in specific formats. ONIXEDIT is the most cost-effective ONIX software solution on the market.

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