“This metadata handbook provides a detailed history and overview of the book publishing industry. It is a key handbook for all book publishers to use within their respective businesses and to train all of their team members, and should be placed on every desk to answer everyday questions….

“This handbook is well written and succinct. The authors have done a great job of providing the reader with the essential information on metadata and the book publishing industry. I encourage all participants in the book publishing industry to invest the time to read it.”
— Darrell W. Gunter, Learned Publishing, April, 2014 (review of 1st Edition)

“For the metadata experts and enthusiasts, The Metadata Handbook doesn’t delve too much into the minutiae; rather, it focuses on giving a comprehensive lay of the land in the first three of five parts of the book, and then featuring interviews with publishing professionals about the future of metadata in the final two parts. The former tries to define current metadata practices and how we got there, while the latter addresses the biggest issues facing its use in the future. Most of the themes of the book echo what has been said at conferences for the past few years, but the authors seem intent on covering the basics that everyone in the publishing industry—not just metadata specialists—should know about metadata….

“Coauthor Thad McIlroy sums it up best: ‘We need to know which categories of metadata provide the best ROI and get all publishers focused initially on where they’ll find a tangible return on investment… I won’t guarantee that metadata will sell your book, but I guarantee that your book won’t sell without metadata.’”
— Kimberly Lew, Publishing Trends, January 30, 2013 (review of 1st Edition)

“If you are looking to market an eBook and need more information about metadata, you should really check out The Metadata Handbook written by Renée Register & Thad McIlroy. This book is arguably one of the most comprehensive texts on metadata for publishing print and eBooks on the market. It contains a lot of information on what data you need to have in your eBook, book data aggregators, distributors, wholesalers and how you can use SEO to your advantage in the eBook market. It also gives readers a detailed breakdown of metadata standards such as those laid out by ONIX.”
— Shawn Manaher, The Content Authority Blog, March 19, 2013 (review of 1st Edition)

“This is an important handbook for every publisher to have and to read through, so that they can see what is their next action plan. And since metadata is evolving, the question will be, what am I going to do in the next six months? What am I going to do in the next 12 months? Metadata will continue to be a focus in publishing over the next several years, because we are moving and changing as we go.”
— Patricia Payton, Senior Manager of Publisher Relations and Content Development for Bowker, Beyond the Book, February 10, 2013 (review of 1st Edition)

“Another great resource is The Metadata Handbook which features tons of relevant information on metadata and how it is used.”
— Edwards Brothers Malloy, Let Users Discover Your Book with Metadata, November 28, 2012 (review of 1st Edition)

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