A Signed Edition! ONIX Codelists 33

In conjunction with the release of the modest revision to the ONIX for Books standard, version 3.0.3 (described in the previous post) Codelists 33 is now available. It mostly supports the changes specified in 3.0.3. Beyond that there two changes that particularly caught my eye.

RowlingFirst is the ability to specify that a book is a signed edition. Ah, but that raises additional issues. What if  the book (<Product>) “Is signed version of” a <RelatedProduct>, the signed copies are given a distinct product identifier, and can be ordered separately, but are otherwise identical? That’s given code 37 in list 51. What about the obverse, where a book “Has signed version”, the signed copies have been given a distinct product identifier and can be ordered separately, but are otherwise identical? That’s Code 38 in list 51. Precise!

List 229 deals with what can be a thorny issue, first introduced in ONIX 3.0.3.: how to indicate the gender of the persona rather than of the person? The persona is “the outward public identity of the contributor,” which may be fictional, and does not necessarily reflect the gender of a natural person. EDItEUR’s example is of George Eliot and Robert Galbraith. Both names are male gender, intentionally so, even though the real people behind the pseudonyms – Mary Evans and J.K. Rowling – are both female. Clever!

Version 34 of the Codelists is expected in July.

In the May 2016 EDItEUR newsletter Grahame Bell notes that Codelists Issue 36 (due January 2017) is expected to be the last version that will be usable specifically also with ONIX 2.1. This is a final part of the phased reduction of support for version 2.1., which I described here.

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